Thirunal Contests

To make the Thirunal more joyful, here are few contests for you. Take part in them and stand to win surprise prizes. Except lucky draw contest, all contests are open till 27th October.

Quiz Contest

Type your name, contact no and quiz answer to win the prize. Winners are annouced by phone or by email.

Bonus prize if you click the prize sponsor's Facebook Like button

Video Upload Contest

Record Thirunal moments on your mobile or camcoder and send the video to The best videos get prizes. Note that the videos must not be personal nor anything unrelated to Thirunal. Only the videos with acceptable quality and size will be considered.

Lucky Draw Contest

Collect lucky draw coupons from the CML book stall or's Live Streaming Desk, drop it in the lucky box and win a prize!

Facebook Share Contest

Share this Thirunal on your Facebook wall. Chick the link whereever you see facebook logo on this site and ask your friends to give a Like. The number of shares and the Likes on the shared post will be counted by the system and those who get maximum count will stand to get a prize.
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